Curriculum Intent Statement

Our intent at Grove Lea Primary is to ensure we meet the needs and interests of our children and the community which they live in. Our Curriculum has been designed around the National Curriculum. In addition to this we enhance learning through additional opportunities by taking children on visits, having visitors in schools and providing children with experiences that build real-life learning.

Our curriculum intent is then reviewed every year, taking into account the above. The curriculum provides the children with learning basic skills in a creative and cross-curriculum way. Long-term plans below ensure all subjects are covered in each year group and that the children at Grove Lea each year build upon their skills, knowledge and vocabulary. Each subject taught has its own progression grid which is designed by curriculum leaders for that subject. Progression grids are sequential and carefully planned to ensure children are taught by building on secure prior knowledge. We pride ourselves on the provision we offer our children and the opportunities they have.

We aspire for all children to develop a love for learning and to develop resilience in order to meet challenges.

As a school, we work hard to ensure the transition for children between schools and key stages is thorough and individualised to meet the needs of our children and parents.

Ofsted 2017

The school curriculum is very carefully designed to meet the needs of individual classes. For example, one year group has more boys than girls and staff have worked hard to plan topics such as space travel which have successfully engaged all pupils. The deputy headteacher is passionate about ensuring that the curriculum is engaging in all areas of the school. She meticulously ensures that opportunities for pupils to deepen their knowledge further are in place in all subject areas.

Staff work closely together to produce a curriculum that meets the needs of pupils in each year group. This bespoke approach heightens pupils’ levels of engagement and enjoyment in learning and contributes to progress over time.

The school motto of “If it is to be, it is up to me” is known and understood by pupils and staff. Its message that success is in your own hands, motivates and inspires pupils to try even harder.