Pupil Responsibility

House and Sports Captains

The pupils in our school are divided into 4 different houses, with each team representing one of our Core Values:

  • Ignis, Courageous
  • Aires, Curious
  • Aqua, Collaborative and
  • Terra, Caring.

Year 6 and 5 have the opportunity to apply to be a Sports and House Captains.  Children across other classes then have the opportunity to vote.

Sports Captains in school are responsible for representing their team in Sporting Events and also to act as Play Leaders during morning breaks and lunchtimes.

Team Captains are responsible for acting as good role models to all children in the school, they are also responsible for leading weekly celebration assemblies.  Each week a new Core Value is celebrated.  Team Captains also work alongside the school council in sharing a ‘Quote for the week’ which represents the core value for that week.

School Council

Grove Lea Primary School also has an active School Council who meet weekly.  They have an important role within school to represent their class.  They are responsible for completing the weekly Newsletter to parents and help lead charity events in school by organising fun ‘off timetable’ events.  The School Council is made up of 2 children from each class from Year 1 to Year 6.  Elections for School Council Representatives take place in October/November each year in line with Parliament Week.