Welcome to Grove Lea Primary School

On behalf of the Governors, the staff, the pupils and myself it gives me great pleasure, as Executive Headteacher, to welcome you to the Grove Lea Primary School website.

The school website is a very important tool in celebrating the amazing activities that take place at Grove Lea Primary School. It is also a vital tool in communicating with parents, carers and visitors as well as providing information about the various policies, practice and procedures in our school.

We are all extremely proud of our school and committed to providing the very best possible education for all of our children. We know that Grove Lea Primary is a school where:

  • Children feel safe within a happy stimulating and attractive environment.
  • Each child is encouraged to enjoy learning and develop a lively and enquiring mind.
  • Children develop skills as independent learners.
  • Children have a thirst for acquiring knowledge.

This is echoed in our School Rights and Core Values:

School Rights

To be Respectful

To keep ourselves and others Safe

To come to school and Learn

Core Values- Also known as the 4C’s

We are Courageous

We are Curious

We are Caring

We are Collaborative

Our school motto is; ‘If it is to be, it is up to me‘.  We want our children to understand that with a bit of hard work anything can be possible.

We are extremely fortunate to have a relatively new, well-equipped building and fantastic outside space. We take great pride in the fact that we have a happy and inclusive school in which the children’s voice is clearly heard in an atmosphere that encourages respect for all and respect for the environment. When any visitor walks round school they comment on happy children engaged in their learning.

Grove Lea Primary school is situated in Hemsworth and caters for children  aged 3-11 years.  We are part of the Inspire Partnership Multi-Academy Trust (IPMAT). Most of our pupils live in Hemsworth but we also welcome children from the surrounding areas.

At Grove Lea Primary we look forward to building strong relationships with parents. Parents are welcomed as partners in their child’s education. We believe that our children learn best when members of staff and parents work in partnership so we value your involvement with your child’s education.

I feel privileged to lead a team of professional, talented and committed staff who provide well planned and engaging lessons and activities. A wide range of curriculum enrichment activities are also provided to enhance children’s learning, for e.g. After School Clubs. We have a supportive and hard working group of governors who are highly skilled in different areas. Governors and staff work together to provide our children with the very best learning opportunities. We encourage our pupils to be responsible for their learning, to grow in confidence and become independent.


What Others Say About Our School


“The head teacher is always available’ and ‘the head teacher knows every child in school”

Parents spoken with in the playground said that they felt that their children got off to a flying start. They praised the way that staff include them in every aspect of their child’s development. Parents explained how they always feel welcomed each morning and enjoy carrying out tasks set alongside their children. All would wholeheartedly recommend this school to others.


Teachers and support staff form a close team.  Training contributes directly to the excellent levels of teaching, learning and assessment seen in all areas of the school.

The school has a strong leadership team, no stone is left unturned.  Middle leaders support senior leaders and are effective in the areas they lead.

Pupils’ behaviour both inside and outside the classroom is often impeccable. They show exceptionally kind and caring attitudes to each other, staff and visitors. All inspectors commented on the pupils’ polite and well-mannered approach, which was clearly evident in corridors and classrooms across the school.


“I love coming to school and seeing my friends.  Teachers make lessons fun and interesting.”

“I like the after school clubs we have gone to many competitions and won.”

“I think teachers work hard and they look after us.”

“I feel safe and happy at school and if children become silly the teachers sort it out quickly.”

‘If it is to be, it is up to me’